Having worked as a designer for more than a decade, Helen Kontouris is no longer new to the field. She’s licensed a wide array of her designs to major manufacturers around the globe, including Alessi (IT) and Schiavello (AUS).

Kontouris is known for putting a spin on the traditional design concepts, combining them with organic elements, as seen in her botanical planter screens for LEN.

Kontouris’ planter screens comes in four shapes; Wattle, Acacia, Banksia and Waratah.

The screens have a wide arange of uses. They can be used as space dividers indoors, as well as outdoors, or  as decorative pieces. The screens doesn’t share the heavy aesthetic of similar space dividers, as the screens gives the user freedom to choose how much of the opposite space is visible. The screens can be used individually or in different combinations, depending on the users needs/aesthetic. 

The Botanical Planter Screens are avaliable to purchase at Stylecraft.
Mark Photos: Helen Kontouris